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Ep. 75: Solving Big Problems with the Power of VR—with Morgan Mercer of Vantage Point

Episode Notes

When problems don’t affect us directly, they are easy to ignore. But if we create a connection with the people who ARE impacted and truly understand the consequences of our own action (or inaction), that’s when we start to care. What if we leveraged the immersive experience of virtual reality to establish empathy for marginalized groups? What if VR could give people the agency to take action and solve the world’s biggest problems?
Morgan Mercer is the founder and CEO of Vantage Point, a startup that offers a cutting-edge, fully immersive sexual harassment training program experienced in virtual reality. Vantage Point’s B2B product focuses on identifying sexual harassment and assault, bystander intervention, response training, and societal stigma and bias. Prior to Vantage Point, Morgan served as the Head of Digital Marketing for the online designer consignment platform LePrix.
Today, Morgan joins us to discuss her inspiration to change the world of human resources by way of VR. She offers insight around what it’s like to be a female founder and how women can arm themselves to better navigate life as an entrepreneur. Listen in as Morgan describes the parallels between entrepreneurs and athletes and learn how VR can empower us to solve big problems with thoughtfulness and compassion.

Topics Covered

Morgan’s inspiration to transform HR
Year abroad revealed own biases, ignorance
VR has power to create connection

Why virtual reality is ideal for HR training
Form relationships and empathy
See outcome of actions

The barriers for female founders
Avoid events because only woman in room
Create environments, processes more inviting to women

How female entrepreneurs can arm themselves
Learn to negotiate, stand ground
Get comfortable in uncomfortable situations

Morgan’s insight around VC fundraising
Investors are partners, allies
Work together to get to next stage

What the world looks like if Vantage Point succeeds
More thoughtfulness and compassion
Run toward problems, empowered to act

Morgan’s moratorium on social media
Who are you living for?
How does that influence actions?

Morgan’s take on asking good questions
Inspired by friend Samier Mansur
Questions influence information uncovered

The parallels between working out and entrepreneurship
40% rule
Requires long-term commitment
Push limits to gain strength

Morgan’s definition of success
Go beyond what believe can achieve
Pursue something meaningful

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