The Boost VC Podcast

Ep. 8: Gil Baron, Visionary VR

Episode Summary

Gil Baron and Adam Draper talk about the impact of VR as a storytelling medium, as well as its uniqueness as a way for simple creative expression. They analyze the core of VR as a value-add in people’s lives, and specifically how to pitch this as an entrepreneur to investors. Listen to also hear about Gil’s story of Mindshow and Visionary VR, the hit product that blew VRLA away.

Episode Notes

Gil worked as a 3D Artist and visual effects supervisor in Hollywood. He was the founder and director at Method Studios in Los Angeles, where he did a lot of work for commercials, including an iconic Toyota being smashed by a meteor commercial. Gil most recently founded Visionary VR, a tool for budding content creators to make films in VR using the tools they've been using all their lives.